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When it comes to managing your employee benefits, you need an advocate. An advocate will work for you — not the insurance companies.

Alan Benoy Insurance Services will provide just the experienced advocacy you need. You will sleep well at night knowing you’ve provided the best employee benefits possible for you and your staff.

With Alan Benoy Insurance Services ... 

You won’t have to deal with major insurance carriers. We’ll do that. 

You won’t be put on endless hold and never talk to the same person. You’ll speak directly with Alan Benoy or Christine Lopez.   

Your questions will be answered promptly and accurately. You won’t have to chase down answers — especially for complex health care benefits issues.  

You’ll meet personally with Alan Benoy. Some agents are afraid of face time and avoid you. Not Alan.  

You’ll find out how your current employee benefits plan compares with similar companies.  

You won’t have to sort through a dizzying array of employee benefit options. We’ll do all the sorting and sifting. Then we’ll help you make the best choice for you and your company. It might even be a plan that increases your employees’ benefits while saving you money!  

You won’t have to explain complicated health care plans to your employees. We’ll do that.  

Nor will you have to explain to an individual employee how the health care plan personally affects him or her. We’ll do that.  

You won’t have to deal with complicated enrollment forms. We’ll personally enroll your employees.   

You will know how to be in compliance with government regulations. We will keep you educated with our monthly newsletter, website, and personal contact.  

You won’t be in the dark about the latest changes in health care benefits. We’ll keep you informed. So you won’t find out years later, you could have saved money.  

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Alan Benoy Insurance Services is located in Visalia, California and primarily serves the cities of Visalia, Tulare, Hanford, Porterville, and Clovis. However, we also serve many clients throughout California.  

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Other agents are pretty talented at disappearing.

Having been involved with employer health care benefits over the course of the last 30 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many in the industry and have been approached by many in sales, some of them especially talented. Unfortunately, after the sale is made they’re pretty talented at disappearing as well. Al Benoy and Benoy Insurance has been an exception. Not only has Al been great at the sale, presenting a variety of packages for our group, along with cost cutting ideas each year, he remains present. Al and his staff are just a phone call away should I have a question or need help on an insurance issue. They have saved us thousands of dollars since 2004. Benoy Insurance not only sells quality products, they provide quality service and I’m proud to be a loyal customer.

Colleen Ball
General Manager
DPI Global