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Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform Timeline 1 - A one-page document that points out key provisions of Health Care Reform due to transpire over the next several years.

Health Care Reform Rules on Dependent Coverage of Children Up to Age 26 - (Legislative Brief) This answers questions about adding dependent children (who are up to age 26) to your new or existing health insurance plan.

Congress Repeals 1099 Reporting Requirements - (Legislative Brief) HOORAY! It's official. You DO NOT have to send a 1099 to every business you send over $600 after all!

Payroll Stuffer - Adding Dependent Children (up to Age 26) to your Health Insurance - FREEBIE FOR EMPLOYERS!!! Use this payroll stuffer to inform your employees that they can add their dependent children to their employer-sponsored health insurance plan.

Early Retiree Reinsurance Program - (Legislative Brief) Key information for large businesses (those with over 51 employees).

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