Feature of the Month

COBRA & HIPAA Compliance Survival - 93-page compliance booklet. Simply, a basic description of the laws and compliance responsibilities of the employer. (For guidance only; not intended to provide legal, accounting or professional service for COBRA compliance)

September Features

Is Grandfathering Right for Your Company? - (Viewing Time: 15-20 min.) For many employers, the big decision in 2010 was whether to grandfather their benefit plans. Under the health care reform law, plans that existed on or before March 23, 2010, and haven’t made certain changes since then may be considered grandfathered plans. Grandfathered plans may be exempt from some of the requirements of the health care reform law.

See How Much the Small Business Tax Credit Can Save Your Business - Useful Small Business Tax Credit Calculator

Employee Benefits Acronyms - Handy Reference Guide

August Feature

HR Support - Free resources and tools to help you manage all your HR responsibilities with ease. Legislative Updates to help you stay in compliance with COBRA, Health Care Reform, HIPAA, Federal and State laws and more. Plus, manage employee benefits more efficiently with ready-to-use forms, checklists and educational materials for you and your employees. Yes, it's all free!

What You Need to Know About Health Care Reform

  An interactive guide to the Health Care Reform Law of 2010, presented by Anthem Blue Cross - Find out what the new law is about, how it will affect your business and your employees.  Learn when changes in the law and new provisions will take place, what 'Grandfathering' is about and much more.

  Keeping Up With The Health Care Reform Law (Updated) - A handy reference for employers on the changes that will affect every business.

New Legislative Updates

HCR Accountable Care Organizations- NEW (9-2011)

HCR Additional Proposed Guidance on State Insurance Exchanges and Premium Tax Credit- NEW (9-2011) - Includes Exchange Eligibility and Enrollment Standards

HCR Application of Annual Limit Restrictions to HRAs- NEW (9-2011)

HCR Health Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage- NEW (9-2011)

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